Fujian Hotel


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Address:No.11 Area 3, Anzhen Xili, Beijing, 100029, China
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The Fujian Hotel (Fujian Dasha) is built in accordance with international 4-star standards. The hotel is located in the Sian Village, near the Beijing Convention Center. It is about 22 km from the airport and 12 km from the railway station.
The hotel's Chinese restaurant serves delicious Cantonese and Fujian cuisines, with a Western restaurant and coffee shop for those looking for a change of pace. For recreation, there is a sauna center, billiards room and gym. The hotel conference room can hold up to 200 people, making it suitable for any business requirement.The hotel newly added disinfection purification equipment, a toilet sterilizer, UV violet sterilization; Ozone disinfection to remove odors; The inner wall of the toilet seat is fully sterilized 99.99%; Provide home-like security. Air disinfection purifier, three-layer filtration and six-step purification process; Solve your respiratory problems one by one; Filtering pm2.5 particulate matter up to 99.7%; Formaldehyde purification up to 99.9%; Effective filtration of more than 70 kinds of pollutants; Decomposition and sterilization in organic gases; Release a large number of negative oxygen ions; Give you a home away from home with clean air.